$480.00 12U & 14U Webster Groves Rink

8U, 10U (Mites & Squirts) 1pm-6pm at Webster Groves Rink

12U, 14U, 16U (Peewees, Bantams & Midgets) 1pm-6pm, Webster Groves Rink

Our largest camp that has 3 hours of ice training for 5 days, off-ice activities for 3 days, 1 afternoon of swimming, a large scrimmage on Friday.  This is the only camp that an End2End Hockey jersey is provided for every player.  

The camp begins with On-Ice Training for first 90min.  This ice time will be spent developing skills for Power Skating, Stick Handling, Shooting, Passing and Competitive Battling.  A different skill everyday.  After 90min, there will be an ice make, the players will get a 10min break off the ice with a snack and drink that we will provide.  We usually provide water, Gatorade, and granola bars.  The players then go back on the ice for another 80min of On-Ice Training.  The skill that was introduced earlier, will be elaborated on as well as intensified for game application.  We will also have some fun with the players during this ice time by playing a few playground games.  As well as being a ton of fun, the players will benefit from the skating involved in these games as well as the coordination that each game will expose to the players.

After the first 3 hours, the players will get out of their equipment and put on shorts, t-shirts and tennis shoes and have a meal that players have brought from home. Players will bring a lunch or snack from home every day to eat at this time. End2End Hockey will no longer be serving meals at this camp. Due to COVID-19, we feel this is no longer reasonable The meal schedule is available upon request and will be emailed out before the camp begins.  We eat and digest our meal in the lobby of the rink for 60min.  There is no guarantee that the snack bar will be open for business at this time.

When everyone has had time to eat, relax a little, and use the facilities, we will go outside for Off-Ice Activities for 45min We will do three days of Off-Ice Activities.  Each day, the players will rotate between the 3 activities.  Players will shoot plastic pucks, at targets, using plastic skill pads and old hockey sticks.  This exercise improves a players hand techniques and weight transfer with their lower body to increase their shooting ability.  Another day your player will do circuit training involving hockey related movements.  Stations, including a water station, will be designed for 30 second intervals of moves that increase strength and/or coordination for the physical demand of playing hockey.  These exercises include 1 foot jumping, squat jumps with 2 feet, lunges, running stairs, and stretching bands for upper body strength.  Players will also have a Fun Day, when they will get to choose to play a team game of soccer, whiffle ball or kickball.  The instructors will stress the use of communication and teamwork in order for players to achieve team goals.  Players will learn how to talk to each other in order help preform team achievements.  Camradery and sportsmanship will be other topics introduced.  

Water will be provided at all times when players are out side for Off-Ice Activities.  Players will be responsible for any personal items they bring outside of the rink.

Players will be escorted by instructors back into the rink to get their equipment, and to the rink lobby for pick up.  Please do not plan on picking up your player anywhere besides the rink lobby everyday.  

One afternoon we will take the players to the Webster Rec Swimming Pool for 60min We usually do this on Wednesday  (may change due to weather.)  Players will be put in small groups and an instructor will be in charge of each group.  The instructor will be introduced to the group (6-7 players maximum) as a group and individually before leaving the rink lobby.  They will be watching the players while on sidewalk in transport to the pool, which is in the same facility.  The players will check in with their instructor routinely while at the pool if they are not hanging out with them in the pool.  The instructor will be in charge of gathering each individual when ready to leave pool, and escorting them back to the lobby.  The small groups will always travel together while in transit, with instructors in front, in the middle and in back of the groups.   This system has worked flawless in the past and every player enjoys the pool day the most out of all the outside activities.  Every player must have a guardian fill out the Consent to Treat form and the Liability Waiver in order to participate in the pool activity.    

On Friday the camp schedule is different.  On Friday players will have the first 90min of On-Ice Training, then they will take a short break.  After, the players return to the ice for a short warm-up and then a full-ice scrimmage for 60min.  We invite parents and friends to attend this scrimmage for the last hour of the On-Ice Training portion of the camp on Friday. We will end camp after the scrimmage. There will be no off-ice training or lunch on Friday, and camp will end 2 hours early.   

This camp is a favorite among players every summer.  We have enough time on the ice to get a lot of good hard hockey work in and have time to play a few fun games and use some creative learning techniques.  With the camp being over 20hrs in total, the players have enough time to make new friends and establish good relationships with the instructors that they work with all week.  Don’t miss out!  This camp will not be around forever.  End2End Hockey’s Mad Skills Camp is one of the only camps to provide a meal and give the entire week-long camp experience to the players.  Don’t be a St. Louis rink rat that doesn’t get to experience this complete, fun, hockey filled week!

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