Scott Brandes

Scott Brandes started End2End Hockey after training and coaching hockey in St. Louis for over 10 years. Before starting End2End Hockey, Scott worked for Turcotte Stickhandling Camp for over 5 years. Turcotte was one of the most popular summer camps in the US. Here, Scott learned proper techniques for carrying pucks and over a dozen specific puck handling moves that work on avoiding players and beating goalies. Scott and a team of instructors were rated the highest of the company’s instructors, and traveled to hockey hotbeds like Minnesota, Detroit and New York where they trained the most intense hockey markets in the country. After learning from the Turcotte experience, Scott began holding camps and clinics for all ages around 2002.

Soon after, Scott was contacted by ex-professional, Basil McRae. Basil was interested in having Scott coach along side of him, using his knowledge of the game as well as his skill development expertise. After 3 seasons of working with this team, the 1990 AAA U14 team, won the Tier 1 National Championship title. This was the first National Championship that a St. Louis amateur team has ever won, and it hasn’t been done since.

2 years later in 2007, Scott wanted more of an official identity, so he began End2End Hockey. Funny story, one of Scotts older students came up with the name “End2End Hockey” after Scott was unimpressed with many names he thought of himself. Going “end to end” is one of the coolest things to be able to do in this game, so Scott loved the new name.

Scott’s background is what makes End2End Hockey unique. Due to Scott’s experience level, he is able to find complement instructors and train them to have the same understanding and training approach that he has mastered. Most of End2End Hockey’s instructors have worked with Scott as players and have been exposed to his training for many years.

Why Choose Us

We will provide the most appropriate level of instruction by matching a players skill level with the correct motivation techniques. We understand how to design drills to keep players moving and challenged. We know how important it is to correct technique to a certain level without taking the flow out of practice. We do a better job than other trainers at finding the important details to emphasize without over correcting and taking the fun out of practice. We understand that every player is different and that it is our job to determine how much instruction each player can handle. Over teaching a player that doesn’t want to be taught too much that day, can be a waste of time and takes away attention for the players that want to be taught that day. Players can change day to day in that way. We keep all these critical details in mind constantly while training hockey players.

Scott Brandes Resume


Scott played for Webster Groves High Skatesman participated in State Championship Game 1995


Scott played for the St. Louis Junior Blues Jr B participated in Jr B Nationals in 1997


at 17yrs, Scott began teaching individual lessons on Power Skating, Shooting, and Stick Handling at Webster Groves Rink


worked as an instructor for Turcotte Stickhandling Camp including large camps in Edin Prairie MN & Niagra Falls NY (Patrick Kane)


U12 Chesterfield Central States Assistant Coach, head coach Basil McRae


U14 AAA StL Blues Assistant Coach, head coach Basil McRae


U10 Chesterfield Central States Head Coach


U14 AAA StL Blues Assistant Coach, Tier 1 Bantam Major National Champions

2005 Spring

97 STL Elite Head Coach, assistant coach Keith Tkachuk


U16 AAA StL Blues Head Coach, assistant coach Rob Ramage

2006 Spring

97 STL Elite Head Coach, assistant coach Keith Tkachuk


U14 AAA StL Blues Head Coach

2007 Spring

97 STL Elite Head Coach, assistant coach Keith Tkachuk


Scott started End2End Hockey LLC


U14 AAA StL Blues Head Coach


STL Rockets Mini Mites Head Coach


Southern Illinois Hockey Association Skills Instructor (all teams)


STL Rockets U6 Director


Meramec Hockey Association Skills Instructor (all teams)


STL Rockets U12 AA Head Coach


STL Rockets Learn To Play Director


U12 AAA StL Blues Head Coach


STL Rockets Association Skills Instructor (all teams)


STL Rockets U10 AA Head Coach


Kirkwood Hockey Association Skills Instructor (all teams)

Players that Scott Brandes has trained that played professional ice hockey (or will very soon):

  • Patrick Kane
  • Chris Wideman
  • Scott Mayfield
  • Matthew Tkachuk
  • Clayton Keller
  • Luke Kunin
  • Philip McRae
  • Trent Frederick
  • Luke Martin
  • Logan Brown
  • Nick Saracino
  • Makenna Webster (Womens Amateur)