At End2End Hockey, we know that you want fun, impactful, and quality ice hockey training.

We provide just that. We have the entire game of hockey covered. We offer private lessons for skills including Power Skating, Stick Handling, Shooting, Body Contact and Angling, and Positional Training for Game Situations.


Private lessons are a “for sure” way to improve a players skills due to the close attention that the instructor gets to see, analyze, and give feedback directly to your player. We conduct private lessons all year.

Our fall/winter/spring private lessons are instructed by Scott Brandes. Scott trains in the mornings from 6am-8am at Creve Coeur Rink on Mondays and at the Maryville Ice rink in Chesterfield on other mornings each week. These lessons are conducted on ice that allows Scott to work with pucks as well as skating. Scott mornings are very full at this time, but he will have openings due to cancellations. Please let us know if you are interested in Power Skating or Stick & Puck lessons in the mornings, and we will add you to a “Sub List” for those morning times.

Scott is usually available during the day (9am-2pm) most week days. During these hours, Scott has time to train adults, early childhood players, home schooled players, and players with late school starts, half days of school, and days off school. Training with pucks is possible on these day time lessons as well. Let us know if you have a player that is available during the day, and we will find some time. Please inquire about specific dates when your player has day times available due to these situations. Common holidays are hard to train on due to the massive crowds at the rinks. These holidays are filled at the instructors discretion.

Scott also teaches five days a week after school at Webster Groves Rink, Brentwood Rink and Creve Coeur Rink. Power Skating instruction is offered at these lessons after school. Scott has no lesson times available after 3:00pm at this time. Let us know if you have a situation that allows your player to attend a lesson in the very early afternoons. Scott could do a 2:45pm lesson on Mondays at Brentwood Rink for 30min, a 3:00pm Tuesday lesson at Webster Groves Rink for 30min, or a 2:15pm lesson Wednesdays at Brentwood Rink for 30min. I know that those times are tough to make, due to school and work. We are sorry there is not more available at this time after school.

If you have inquired about individual lessons, your email has been added to our cancellation list and you will be notified of any cancellations that come available.

During the summer, End2End will have guest instructors that will conduct individual lessons as well as Scott. Due to the amount of hours available, Scott and End2End Hockey has more success taking on new players in the summer. Please let us know now if you would like to reserve a time for summer 2020. Scott trains at the Fenton Forum Ice Rink in the summer. Summer times fill fast!

Scott’s rate for an individual to take a lesson is $55 for 30min. If there are 2 players training, the cost lowers to $35 per player per 30min. If there are 3 players training, the cost lowers more to $30 per player per 30min. Prices doubles for hour lessons. There is always an ice fee at the rinks to enter the ice as well. This fee is paid to the rinks directly, or in some cases, collected by the instructor. Lessons can only be paid with cash or check made out to End2End Hockey or just “E2E”.

We look forward to working with your player privately.

Private lessons are a “for sure” way to improve skills due to the close attention that the instructor get to see, analyze, and give feedback directly to your player.

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